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                            This library gives readers access to a selection of free e-books hosted at two web sites—Roy Glashan's Library (RGL, formerly Freeread) and Project Gutenberg Australia (PGA). On the following pages book formats and locations are identified as follows:

                                                                HTML1 = books in HTML format available at RGL
                                                                HTML2 = books in HTML format available at PGA
                                                                EPUB    = books in EPUB format available at RGL

                            The books offered at this web site are in the public domain in Australia. They may be freely downloaded for personal use and redistributed on a strictly non-commercial basis in any country where their copyright has expired and the distributor abides by the conditions described in the RGL Mission Statement and Distribution Licence.

                            Titles listed in grey are currently unavailable or still in copyright. These are listed for bibliographic reference only.

                            On tablet PCs this site is best viewed with the mobile version of the Opera Internet browser

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